Angie has been a resident of Canton, GA since May of 2014. Prior to that she lived in Stockbridge, GA. She graduated from Forest Park Senior High School.

When she is not working she enjoys being with her family. She spends a lot of her time with her three grandchildren. When she isn’t with the grandchildren, she enjoys going to the movies, getting her nails done and traveling. She insists she has the most precious dog and her name is Maggie Mae.

Prior to working at Wayside Animal Hospital, Angie worked as a collection manager at a furniture store. Angie’s love of her sweet Maggie Mae is what brought her to Wayside Animal Hospital in June of 2018. She wanted to better understand the animal practice to be able to help Maggie Mae be all that she can be. She enjoys learning all there is to know about the different animals and getting to come in contact with their personalities, what makes them stand out, their reactions as well as their owners. Angie feels her place at Wayside is a wonderful journey and she looks forward to coming into work each day just to see what the day will bring.