Tre the Terrible

There’s A New Doc In Town

Hello Friends! It’s been a minute since we chatted but boy do I have some catching up to do with all of you!

But first, in regards to 2020, what was that?!?! In all my 119 cat years, I have never encountered a pandemic! I had to google it! I thought a pandemic was a problem with the litter pan! Obviously my initial assessment was inaccurate. Never the less, here we are! The great thing is even in the midst of this thing called a pandemic the humans have not failed to provide my basic necessities such as food, water, numerous plush beds, constant love and a clean litter pan. Although, I do recall hearing something about a toilet paper shortage? The humans seemed rather disturbed by this but it doesn’t seem to impact my life too greatly so…. business as usual for me!

Speaking of necessities, apparently the humans found it necessary to give me some “feline companionship” in the form of a young lad named Tre the Terrible. Now, I personally would have preferred one of my jolly boarding friends from days ago when people traveled the world and their feline friends came for a visit. But for whatever reason, I have been gifted with Tre. I guess you could say he’s like my apprentice at this point. Some kind soul found poor little Tre with an injured leg and in quite a bit of despair from what Dr. Lewis says. And well we know Dr. Lewis is a softie underneath that exterior and of course he fixed the lad up and brought him to me. I believe it was in hopes that I could inspire him to such greatness as I have become. (In all fairness, I did warn him it was asking a lot!) Now, I have to add training the lad to greatness to my overwhelming list of responsibilities!

But Tre isn’t the only thing Dr. Lewis has added to our Wayside family. He’s also brought in a new doctor, Dr. Kim Neff. While, Dr. Neff seems to have good intentions and be quite knowledgeable with her 15 plus years of experience, I have to question her methods sometimes. Just the other day, she requested Bobbie Jo, our practice manager, to order some sort of machinery and a plethora of needles! Seems barbaric to me but Dr. Lewis called it acupuncture?? Apparently, it’s “really awesome at managing pain and promoting healing” according to Dr. Lewis and Dr. Neff. We shall see…Then she does this other thing with mats and blocks and all kinds of other crazy stuff and calls it physical therapy! I have to admit that although the methods seem strange to me, the pets appear to be improving with her “services”. So I shall investigate these new treatments and share more information later.

For now, friends, it was wonderful speaking to you again! I look forward to resuming our chats on a regular basis again. I have even invited Dr. Lewis to share some thoughts on occasion on our blog. A boss cats job is never done and there is always plenty to do….wish me luck friends!

B.C. aka Boss Cat of Wayside Animal Hospital