Dr. Parker graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2006. She started practicing at Appalachian Animal Hospital in Ellijay immediately upon graduating. She also worked part time at North Georgia Animal Emergency Hospital (now Mountain Emergency Animal Hospital) for several years. Dr. Parker provided relief veterinary service for Wayside Animal Hospital for a couple of years and officially joined the team in August 2010. She has a special interest in surgery with extensive training in wound repairs, orthopedic surgery and dentistry, and she is one of the only Veterinarians to perform TTA Surgeries in North Georgia. Dr. Parker was blessed with a son, Raylan, in 2013 and spends the majority of her time off with him and her husband, Will. Her dog, Deuce, and 2 cats, Thomas and Cache, are still trying to adjust. When she gets the chance, she enjoys hiking, fishing, running 5k’s (for charity and for fun) and rock climbing.


Years in Practice: 12
Education: University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine
Specialties: Dentals and Orthopedic Surgery